Nathanael Dunlap


Resonance - Intuitive Music Player.

Resonance is an intuitive music player application written in Rust & Python, with a clean user interface built using GTK4 / Libadwaita. Resonance lets you effortlessly manage and play your music collection, with support for all the common music file formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, and many more.

Paleta - Extract the dominant colors from any image.

Find the dominant color palette from any image and manage palettes with Paleta. An intuitive tool for designers, artists, or anyone looking to streamline their color work.

Conjure - Magically transform your images.

Magically transform your images with Conjure. Resize, crop, rotate, flip images, apply various filters and effects, adjust levels and brightness, and much more. An intuitive tool for designers, artists, or just someone who wants to enhance their images.

Chromatic - Fine-tune your instruments.

Fine-tune your instruments with Chromatic. Chromatic detects the frequency of audio input, converts it to a musical note with the correct semitone and octave, and displays the cents error. Cents are displayed on an analog gauge to make tuning more visually intuitive. Requires PulseAudio or PipeWire.

Chess-CLI - Play chess from the terminal.

Chess-CLI is a terminal user interface for playing chess written in Go. Chess-CLI that allows you to either play offline with a friend or play online with the open source service Chess-CLI logs into Lichess with OAuth2, and functionality is implemented through requests to the Lichess REST API.